Illustration Friday – Surrender
2nd Feb 2011 0

Right, to be honest this drawing has been a pain in the ass. I’m practicing with a technique I am not familiar with, I painted in black an white first and then I applied colours on a few Overlay layers.

It took a while to get something I even vaguely liked, or that at least I didn’t completely hate.
Then I wasn’t happy with the composition, and kept pulling a pushing and moving things here and there and getting rid of stuff.
Then Photoshop crashed, and kept crashing, and I had to reinstall it.
And retrieve my preference files, brushes and whatnot buried in my old backups.
And my friend Dave was lurking from behind my shoulder, being annoying.
Ok, his advices were good, but he was still annoying.

Anyway, I finally got to the point where I couldn’t be asked to change anything else, and the file made it out of the Forever Unfinished folder.
The big guy is beaten but hasn’t surrendered yet, so it would be a decent entry for this week’s Illustration Friday.

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