Traveller – Catch 22
25th Jan 2018 0

Catch 22 is another piece I made for the Traveller card game.

I have to say, this illustration in particular did take some thinking.
I had to cram more information than I was comfortable with in a relatively small canvas, so it required some planning, especially composition-wise.

The brief was about a guy hiding behind a wall, while another person is talking with a guard, probably giving away his hiding place.

I meant the main character to look somehow in control of the situation, so I drew him much bigger than the other people in the frame, and with his eyes above all else’s, looking down at them.
Also, the perspective of the buildings on the background kind of resemble the main character’s cone of view, to emphasize the fact that he’s aware of the situation.

I NEVER go into this kid of depth when planning for an illustration, as I find that starting with random sketches and adjusting them along the way makes it for better-flowing compositions.
So, well, I’m kind of happy about how this turned up, all the bits seem to be working together with each other despite the forced arrangement.

I also happen to have the sketch handy, for once.

by Paolo Puggioni

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