Freak Show First Panel
16th May 2017 1

After several months of concepts, experiments and preparation for our comic Freak Show, I’ve finally started working on the actual panels.

And by started I mean, good Lord this is a lot more time consuming than I had imagined, I’ve been at it for weeks!
Obviously I haven’t spent weeks just on this very panel (I’m almost finished with page 1), and surely this has been on top of my day job, and on top of my freelance work, and on top of another huge thing going on I’ll talk about in a while.
But it is nonetheless quite a big endeavour.

So yes, I might have lost track of time, as I have started inking page 1 by the end of March, and I’m just about to finish with the rendering.
But I hope it’s just because the image below is a big vista with thousands of small details and it took about 70% of the overall time I spent on the page. Hopefully the next ones should go on faster.

So, I had meant to keep the panels to ourselves until they were finished, but I wouldn’t mind to hear some opinions before I go even further.

So there you go, Freak Show first panel (click to enlarge).

Freak Show, Comic, Sci-Fi

I’m still unsure about the position of the captions, and there are still some tweakes needed here and there.
But it’s pretty much there.

Below is instead the inked page without colours.
With the black on white you can really see the amount of work that went into it.

Freak Show 1a Inked

Anyway, as I said, critics are welcome.

If you want to have a look at the concepts I’ve made for Freak Show characters (and space ships) so far, here’s a bunch of links, neatly ordered by time:



Generic Characters

Zaquida Finals

Thrannak Finals


Transport N945

by Paolo Puggioni

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