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3rd Oct 2017 0

I have the feeling that the tl;dr version of my blog posts for the past year or so had been “damn I’ve been so busy, I haven’t posted anything for weeks, here’s some artwork by the way”.

As a matter of fact, I have indeed busy beyond description, but for once I have the time to tell you why.

After a year or so of build-up, discussions, preparation, planning, problem solving and whatnot, my family and I have moved back to Italy.
I am now officially a freelance Concept Artist.

If anyone is wondering if it’s scary, stop wondering: it is.

No salary at the end of the month, bills to manage and stuff like that. God it’s scary.

Luckily, part of the reason why I had been busy for the months leading to this, is that I had already started accepting freelance work on top of my day job, so I have a nice backlog of things to work on.

If anyone is wondering if it’s still scary, stop wondering: it is.
On the other hand, we moved to a pretty damn cool place, and the fact that my wife and I take our lunch breaks on the beach kind of mitigates the hassles of the freelance life a little bit.

If anyone is wondering, we live here now:

Santa Maria al bagno

Moving to another country is a monumental endeavor, especially if you’re moving with a large dog and two cats, and you’re building another career on top of it.
Hence the long radio silence.

On the other hand, there’s quite a bunch of artwork in my hard drive that I haven’t had the time to post before, so you’ll see some actual pictures in the days to come.

by Paolo Puggioni

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